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patience and perseverance lead to success

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Patience and Perseverance lead to Success. By Cliff Wane

(From the bestseller SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE (study of six cases) PIPE Strategy

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Success becomes possible when people are fully committed to deliver some of precious goals. Unfortunately, failure integrates daily because most of candidates to success do not comply with key requirements, which are patience and perseverance. Indeed, patience and perseverance lead to success, but decision, now action, must accompany whatever dream that is expected to land.

·        Patience

When someone focuses on something, possibility to achieve a goal becomes accessible. Strangely, Reality does not accommodate every single dream instantly. You wish you were married; that is perfect, unfortunately finding a deserving partner/fiancé is matter of time (patience). Choice, circumstances and decision follow progressively in way to get whatever you dream. Do not rush, take your time, success is matter of perseverance. Thus, patient people get always prestigious and big results.

·        Perseverance

Perseverance allows people to get whatever goal they desire; in other words, any achievement imposes grievous conditions to achievers. Love affair, riot, social policy, business and related fields obey to law of perseverance.

Be attractive needs time, otherwise everyone could be famous instantly

Make a successful riot requires a lot

Finalizing a successful social policy is not easy; so policy making environment must persevere till succeeding/achieving a related goal

Building an environment according to your dream requires perseverance, via more actions and less talk

Therefore, patience and perseverance boost actions, by providing optimism and courage to dreamers.


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patience and perseverance lead to success
patience and perseverance lead to success
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